How do we invest for social wellbeing?

We use data and evidence to inform how we can best improve the lives of New Zealanders by investing in what is known to create the best results.

The social sector supports all Kiwis by investing in their education, health and wellbeing so they can live fulfilling and productive lives.  But some people need more support to thrive and enhance their quality of life.

The government has developed an approach to improve the lives of all New Zealanders, so that individuals, their families, and communities can live the lives they aspire to. This way of working is called investing for social wellbeing and focuses on:

  • Putting people at the heart of the approach
  • Making better use of a wide range of evidence, including data and analytics, as well as peoples’ experiences
  • Engaging and working in strong partnerships and building trust
  • Providing clear goals and robust measurement

To find out more visit Your voice, your data, your say on social wellbeing.

No data without stories, no stories without data

While the numbers are critical, the insight gained from doing the analysis is just as important. This ensures there’s a complete view of why different individuals may experience different outcomes from the social services being delivered. We are using a wide range of evidence including data and analytics, evaluation results, and people’s experiences to support the development of real solutions for real lives so effective services reach those who need them most, at the time they need them.

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