Your voice, your data, your say

The Government wants to develop a new way of working with communities to support New Zealanders to live the lives they aspire to, and build people’s wellbeing.

Between May and September 2018 we met and listened to New Zealanders to find out what they think about social wellbeing and the protection and use of data. Over 1,000 people attended one of the 83 hui we held in 27 locations across New Zealand.

What people told us will inform the Government’s approach to building wellbeing. It will also inform a draft Data Protection and Use Policy.

What you told us

This report presents the findings of the ‘Your voice, your data, your say’ engagement between May and early September 2018.

What's happening when?

Find out the key milestones in the process to refine the investing for social wellbeing approach, and the development of the data protection and use policy.

Investing for Social Wellbeing

A way of working to support New Zealanders to live the lives they aspire to.

Data Protection and Use

To provide clear guidance for how personal information can and can't be used in the social sector.

Insights and publications

Have a look at our key insights and publications from the 'Your voice, your data, your say' programme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These FAQs are to help you understand more about the topics we are talking about. They also define some terms to help you better understand the conversation.