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Summary update covering the first half of our engagement

Our analysis of the input and insights from what we've heard during the first half of our engagement hui and surveys between 31 May and 3 August is included in our Summary Engagement update (Part A).

The hui for this period have mostly been held with non-government organisations (NGOs)/service providers, regional government agency staff and a number of government agencies at a national level.

We have listened carefully to what people have told us, and we are now starting to build a picture of the issues, opportunities and challenges that exist for the social wellbeing approach and the Data Protection and Use Policy, and we've been pulling these together into broad themes.

We will share information and provide regular updates as we progress towards key milestones.

A second Summary Engagement update (Part B) will follow in early October.  The next report will include feedback from the second half of our engagement from 4 August to 7 September.

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