Tools and guides

We're developing a range of tools, products and advice to enable agencies to develop their social investment approaches, and analyse and measure the impact and effectiveness of the services they’re delivering.

Social Investment Analytical Layer (SIAL)

The Social Investment Analytical Layer (SIAL) will help agencies understand the potential return on investment (ROI) before investing in a new service.

Social Investment Data Foundation (SIDF)

The Social Investment Data Foundation (SIDF) code produces datasets within the IDI that are ready for analysis. It reduces the time to generate datasets and speeds up the analysis.

Social Investment Measurement Map

The Social Investment Measurement Map allows users to see what indicators or measures are available in the IDI to assess interventions.

Fact sheets

Check out the plain English fact sheets on our key work areas.

'How to' guides

We view social investment as the means to improve social outcomes for New Zealanders by ensuring decision-makers from the frontline to the Beehive have the information and resources they need...


We periodically update our products and processes. Information about updates is available on this page.

Tools for technical users

We've produced a series of tools, with reusable code hosted on GitHub, which is intended for an experienced technical audience with access to Stats NZ's Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).