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We view investing for social wellbeing as the means to improve social outcomes for New Zealanders by ensuring decision-makers from the frontline to the Beehive have the information and resources they need so that the right people get the right help at the time they need it.

The SIA’s role is to support the social sector to improve decision making. One way that we’re doing this is by developing tools, products and guides for organisations to use when developing their approaches to social investment.

The 'How to' Guides are based on what we have learned from the analytical test cases, collaboration projects and engagement initiatives we’ve undertaken. They include technical documentation for the analytical tools we’ve developed, and advice on how to integrate the use of data and analytics into the decision-making process.

One of our values is transparency; we aim to be transparent by nature. We’re publishing this material publicly so that information about how we use data, and the value we derive from it, is easily accessible to anyone. We are publishing as we go so that others may learn from and improve on our work.

We’ll keep updating this material as we go; we welcome contributions from other organisations to this repository.

Date About the 'How to' Guide Document link/PDF
June 2017 Outlines a process for gathering the relevant evidence to support social investment. It explains how to summarise the best evidence and write it up in a way that will help inform decision-makers. How to produce a social investment evidence brief [PDF, 552 KB]
December 2017 This introduction outlines the methodologies we use to turn data into insight in plain english. It explains what data analysts will need to perform social investment analysis, and where to find it. An introduction to social investment Analytics [PDF, 568 KB]
December 2017 Getting started with the IDI is a steep learning curve; we've written this beginner's guide for anyone undertaking their first social investment analysis using this resource. It draws from our experience and covers the things we wish we'd known at the start. Beginner's Guide to the IDI [PDF, 901 KB]
December 2017 The Social Investment Analytical Layer code creates events-structured tables in a consistent format, making it easier and faster to use the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). This brief user guide contains the introductory information you will need to get started. Social Investment Analytical Layer Code (SIAL) User Guide [PDF, 740 KB]
December 2017 The Social Investment Data Foundation code produces analysis-ready datasets within the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), reducing the time to generate datasets and speeding up analysis.  This brief user guide contains the introductory information you will need to get started. Social Investment Data Foundation Code(SIDF) User Guide [PDF, 757 KB]
December 2017 It’s not just about what we do, it’s about how we do it. This guide outlines workflow practices our analysts have adopted to generate maximum insight in the most efficient way. Working principles for social investment analytics [PDF, 560 KB]

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