Data Systems

Enabling the smarter sharing of data to support decision-making and performance insights aimed at improving service effectiveness and outcomes across the social sector.

Building a Data Exchange

The Data Infrastructure team is building a Data Exchange and establishing the necessary frameworks and tools to enable the secure sharing of data between social sector government agencies and contracted NGOs. This will help inform investment decisions and the frontline delivery of social services to New Zealanders.

The Data Exchange will transform the way New Zealand’s social sector data is shared. The exchange delivers near real-time feedback loops between agencies and providers. This infrastructure will support insights into system wide performance, policy settings and the effectiveness of service delivery to vulnerable New Zealanders.

It'll also enable a data access service to be built where individuals and organisations outside government can easily access different levels of data held by agencies.

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Business delivery

Business delivery includes:

  • An easy-to-use, safe, secure, controlled and common data exchange platform to enable a federated data sharing approach
  • Assisting social sector agencies to ensure their readiness to be effective members of the Data Exchange
  • Privacy, human rights and ethics settings governing the sharing and use of exchanged data.

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