Our work

  • Data Protection and Use »

    We are developing a policy to help everyone to easily understand what's appropriate, what's not, and how to do things safely when personal information has a role to play. We...

  • Measuring outcomes »

    We’re developing a new approach to analyse the impact of social services on the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

  • Data analytics »

    We’re developing a range of tools to support improved social service decision making and measure and analyse service effectiveness.


  • Fact sheets »

    Quick, simple explanations of our key work areas and tools

  • Guidance »

    How-to guides for beginners, staff and technical specialists in the social system and related areas

  • Reports »

    We produce a variety of reports to present new insights, document our analytical methods, and evaluate the results of programmes and projects.


  • About the Social Investment Agency »

    Our purpose is to strengthen the use of data, analytics and insights in social sector decision making to improve New Zealanders’ wellbeing.

  • Our approach »

    We concentrate on what’s scalable, reusable, and of most value to the social sector.