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    We deliver actionable insights to the social sector, making evidence informed decision-making easier. We work closely with social sector decision-makers including Ministers and the Social Wellbeing Board of social sector chief executives.

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    Read our latest reports on a range of social issues facing New Zealanders.

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    We've produced analytical tools and reusable code for technical users who have access to Stats NZ's Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). Code, assembly and visualisation tools and user guidance is publicly available on GitHub.

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  • Older People's Data Explorer »

    We have released a new data explorer on the characteristics of Aotearoa New Zealand’s older population.

  • Community Insights Explorer »

    We have developed a new explorer tool to assist with the response and recovery from adverse weather events. This brings together a range of information to assist decision-makers.

  • Data Exchange

    The Data Exchange provides a safe, secure and easy method for government and service providers to transfer data, alongside clear guidelines about how data is used.

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