Analysis of New Zealand's veteran population

The Social Wellbeing Agency has worked with Veterans’ Affairs to identify the veteran population, using data from the StatsNZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).

“This new data on our veteran population will assist the government to support the health and wellbeing of veterans. This is a great example of using available data to systemically research a population group,” says Deputy Chief Executive, Policy, Data and Insights, Aphra Green.

The IDI is an anonymised data set that supports cross-sector research that provides insight into our society and economy. This analysis used data from employment, occupation, pension and other administrative data sources to identify veterans who were alive and in New Zealand in 2021.

The analysis showed 43,941 veterans who could be identified in 2021 data. It also details employment outcomes and veterans’ experiences of disability. It is the first time we have sought to identify veterans and their outcomes in administrative data. 

“The dataset can be used as a foundation for researchers to do future analysis on the veteran population. We were pleased to support Veterans’ Affairs in this work and the method we have used can be readily reused to support other workforce analyses,” she says.

Read our report and see the summary A3 on our Publications page.

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