We’re the Social Investment Agency

We are the Social Investment Agency, a new stand-alone central agency.

“I am proud to be leading our team of experienced data scientists and advisors through this transition,” said Dr Craig Jones, Acting Chief Executive.

“We are ready to lead change across the public service to achieve better outcomes from Government’s investments into social services.”

We have the following new functions:

  • Setting the standards for social investment practice ensuring there is consistency across government agencies and contracted providers
  • Advising on and facilitating the creation of the necessary data and evidence infrastructure for social investment
  • Working with other agencies to apply the social investment approach
  • Leading an ongoing review of social sector spending to measure outcomes.

We will continue to provide cross-social system advice, support the social sector with cross-system work and create insights, tools, and practices that improve decision-making.

Social investment involves understanding people’s needs, setting clear goals about what works, improving services and enabling local providers to tailor services to the needs of communities.

A Social Investment Fund will be established, to begin investing in 2025. The Agency will service the Social Investment Board once it is established (a Ministerial Advisory committee) and provide advice for the group of Social Investment Ministers.

All current staff and functions of the existing Social Wellbeing Agency have been transferred to the new agency.

Read more about social investment here.

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